Zenith™ Blu ray Security Case

Zenith™ Pac Blu-ray Security case allows for instance recognition of media format on the shelf and at check out

Zenith™ Pac’s Blu-ray security case is the same overall dimensions as the studio version, 6 11/16" x 5 1/16" x 9/16", and similar in design with the BD branding bar at top and industry product color. Catalog titles are immediately identifiable by media platform type. With the insertion of the Blu-ray TL-22 Lock into the bottom of the case, through the series of interlocking loops, the case is locked shut with deadbolt like effect. The removal of the lock with the UMD-5GY at checkout and the case becomes a standard BD case.

  • Literature tabs on lid for securing booklets
  • Standard BD industry design and color for media type identification
  • Case footprint maximizes shelf density, 6 11/16" x 5 1/16" x 9/16"
  • Case size permits perfect transfer use of BD studio title lithographics
  • Double walled construction
  • Case locks with Blu-ray TL-22 lock, sold separately
  • Case opens with Decoupler UMD-5GY, sold separately
  • Complements existing EAS/RFID security tag systems
Order Information
Order Code
ZP-2BR Zenith™ pac Blue-ray
TL-22 Zenith™ pac Blue-ray lock
UMD-5GY Universal™ Decoupler