One-Time™ Audio Book

The One-Time™ family of digital media security products
just got a little bigger

The industry favorite One-Time™ family of products now includes a durable, high capacity storage solution for CD audio book or DVD video series titles that is shelf efficient capable of holding up to 32 discs. One-Time™ Audio Books comes standard with the One-Time™ internal locking strip for optional use if you choose to secure your media.

The revolutionary "Snap-N-Secure" cartridge system for holding your preference of media sleeves makes viewing contents simple and processing catalog titles "a snap" without the aggravation of broken plastic straps or "bear trap" like metal binder rings. The cartridge’s swivel movement inside the case securely holds media sleeves without binding or tearing, providing easy turning for viewing and removal or insertion of discs.

The One-Time™ Audio Book’s rugged, reinforced ribbed outer shell construction stands up to everyday bumps and drops of media circulation. The over-sized latches keep the case snapped closed and the extra large, full sleeve overlay completely entraps and protects the title lithographic in crystal clarity for easy reading and identification of title and catalog information. The optional use One-Time™ lock strip when used saves time at checkout. No need to recount the number of discs when the case is stored locked after processed back into circulation. Checkout is quick and easy.

  • Heavy-duty polypropylene case is designed to withstand drop box impacts. Oversized latches keep the case closed and media protected. Ideal for medial archival storage.
  • Two-piece sleeve cartridge assembly is "a snap" allowing easy reconfiguration of sleeve count. Sleeve-pages turn easily and lay flat for browsing of contents.
  • Comes in two capacity configurations: small capacity with one sleeve cartridge holds 1 to 16 discs and large capacity with two sleeve cartridges holds 1 to 32 discs
  • Overlay sleeve entraps and protects entire title lithographic in easy to read through clear polypropylene film
  • Complements existing EAS/RFID security tag systems
  • Incorporates One-Time™ internal locking technology compatible with UMD-11 Decoupler, sold separately. Locking feature is optional but adds benefits of labor time savings and theft deterrence when used. Red-green color coding system for lock/unlock position is intuitive and assured.
  • Can be order with sleeve cartridges assembled and inserted in cases; or with sleeve cartridges bulk packed for easy, large scale processing of titles
  • Cases come with sleeve cartridge, but not sleeves. The wide choice of sleeve styles at multiple price points available in the market allows the user to purchase the sleeve type of their choosing for the type of storage needed: CD, DVD, and/or archival.
Order Information
Order Code
OTAB-SM-CB One-Time™ AudioBook,
Small, Black Cartridge
OTAB-LG-CB One-Time™ AudioBook,
Large, Black Cartridge
OTAB-SM-CB-AS One-Time™ Audiobook,
Small, Black Cartridge, Assembled
OTAB-LG-CB-AS One-Time™ Audiobook, Large, Black Cartridge, Assembled
Product Dimensions Small
7 3/8" x 6 1/2" x 1 1/2"

7 3/8" x 6 1/2" x
2 5/16"
Shipping Information Small
26" x 13 1/2" x 15 1/2"
\ 60 pcs \ 23 lbs

26.5" x 22" x 15 1/2 " \
60 pcs\ 31 lbs
Note: Assembled product will have empty spacers in master carton to maintain packout integrity during shipping.