Amaray II™ Maglock Decoupler

Each security case is matched to a unique Decoupler Key System that easily releases the security feature to allow for quick access

Its sleek U-shaped design, precision placed magnets and small footprint makes the Amaray II™ Maglock Decoupler easy to locate on the counter and use. With a Maglock inserted into an Amaray II™, slide the case through the U-channel making sure the Maglock’s stepped edge catches the floor of the Decoupler in the process. The Maglock’s internal spring releases the cover slide to the "Unlock" position. The lock is ready to be removed and the case is ready for circulation.

Works with the following products and lock components:

  • Amaray II™
  • Amaray II™ Benefit Denial™
  • Compatible lock component
    • Amaray II™ MagLock-Red, AMII-LR
Order Information
Order Code
ND-AMII Amaray II™ Mag Key Decoupler
Product dimensions 3 11/16" x 1 13/16" x
1 5/16"
Shipping Information 4 5/16" x 2. ½"x 1 5/8" /
1 pc / 0.5 lbs