About Us

Clear-Vu / Nexpak

Clear-Vu / Nexpak is the industry leader in media security and packaging.

Clear-Vu is a design and development company committed to providing customers with cost effective media security and packaging solutions across a wide array of environments including libraries, rental stores, and retail outlets.

Clear-Vu brands are among the most recognized in the industry, One-Time™, Zenith™ Pac, and D-Fence™. Clear-Vu's strategic acquisition of the Nexpak brand and certain assets in 2009 affirms its position as the industry leader with Securecase™, Benefit Denial™, THINpak™ and Amaray II™.

With its array of media security and standard packaging solutions available for customers to choose from to custom fit the solution to their individual needs, Clear-Vu is committed to giving its customers what they want.