One-Time™ Decoupler

Each security Product is matched to a unique Decoupler Key System that easily releases the security feature to allow for quick access

The One-Time™ Decoupler is as simple to use as swiping a charge card through a card reader at the store. No exerted pressure is needed and the movement is done with one hand. All One-Time™ products are unlocked or locked with a simple swipe. The Red-Green color coding of the case lock tells the user without question what the position of the lock is.

The Decoupler Key can be permanently mounted to the counter for added convenience and ease. Its durable construction will stand up to years of use. The keyed track lock prevents unauthorized use when engaged.

The One-Time™ Decoupler Key opens all One-Time™ products:

  • One-Time™ DVDs
  • One-Time™ CD
  • One-Time™ Audiobook
  • One-Time™ Keepers
  • One-Time™ Blu-ray
Order Information
Order Code
UMD-11V One-Time Decoupler
Product dimensions 8 1/16" x 3 3/8" x
2 1/16"
Shipping Information 9 11/16" x 5 3/8" x
3 7/8" /1 pc/ 4.0 lbs