Universal™ Decoupler

Each security Product is matched to a unique Decoupler Key System that easily releases the security feature to allow for quick access
For Zenith™ and Extreme™ Products

The Universal™ Decoupler opens all Zenith™ products and Extreme™ Keepers. It is quick and easy to use, slide the media case or keeper into position and remove or swing open the lock. It’s that easy. The small footprint mounts securely and discretely to the counter taking up minimal space. The durable construction, tamper resistant design at an affordable price point makes the Universal™ Decoupler a solid investment.

The Universal™ Decoupler works with the following products and lock components:

  • Zenith™ DVD Pac
  • Zenith™ Music Pac
  • Zenith™ Keepers
  • Extreme™ Keepers
  • Compatibles lock components
    • Zenith™ DVD Pac Lock, TL-14-2
    • Zenith™ Music Pac Lock, TL-17
    • Zenith™ Keeper Lock, TL-15
    • Zenith™ Blu-ray, TL-22
Order Information
Order Code
UMD-5GY Universal™ Decoupler, For Zenith™ and Extreme™ Products
Product dimensions 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" x
1 1/16"
Shipping Information 3 13/16" x 3 13/16" x
1 1/8" / 1 pc / 1.0 lbs