One-Time™ Blu ray Security Case

One-Time™ is the standard in digital media security packaging.

One-Time’s™ Blu-ray security case is the same overall dimensions as the retail studio version and similar in design with BD branding bar and industry color for immediate recognition of media format. The addition of the innovative One-Time™ interior locking strip allows for BD catalog titles to be inventoried live on the shelf with the peace of mind One-Time™ security offers. A simple swipe through a One-Time™ UMD-11v Decoupler at checkout and the case acts like a standard BD case ready for circulation.

  • Industry’s fastest checkout solution for secured media catalogs
  • Red and Green color coding for easy identification of lock position
  • Simple, assured, lock or unlock with the One-Time Decoupler UMD-11v, sold separately
  • Robust double overlapping wall  construction is “drop box" tested
  • Single can be converted into a double with addition of snap-in tray
  • Literature tabs on lid for securing booklets
  • Case footprint maximizes shelf density, 6 11/16" x 5 1/16" x 9/16"
  • Standard BD industry design and color for media type identification
  • Case size permits perfect transfer use of BD studio title lithographics
  • Complements existing EAS/RFID security tag systems
Order Information
Order Code
OTDVD-1BR One-Time D VD Blu-ray
OTDVD-TBR-2 One-Time DVD Blu-ray Flip Tray
UMD-11V One-Time Decoupler