One-Time™ CD Security Case

One-Time™ is the standard in digital media security packaging.

The permanent internal lock answers a library’s need for theft deterrence without sacrificing ease of use at the circulation counter. Eliminates potential bottlenecks at checkout with difficult to open lock-case combinations plus the handling of separate lock components, inventory logistics and the related costs. With a simple swipe through the decoupler the One-Time CD case quickly and assuredly locks or unlocks. The red-green color coding systems clearly identifies the lock’s position. When locked the entire opening is sealed shut. The case is reinforced with double overlapping walls for added security and maximum protection against the reality of a circulation environment with drop box return rides.

  • Industry’s fastest checkout solution for secured media catalogs
  • Red and Green color coding system for easy identification of lock position
  • Simple, assured, lock/ unlock with One-Time™ Decoupler, UMD-11v, sold separately
  • Robust double overlapping wall  construction is "drop box" tested to protect disc(s)
  • Can be ordered as a single or with dual capacity snap-in flip tray
  • Single can be converted into a triple with dual snap-in flip tray, OTCD-TW-1, sold separately
  • Case dimensions are similar to jewel box, 5 5/16" x 5 1/4" x 9/16", facilitates immediate media type recognition at check out
  • Full outer sleeve for title lithographic, maximum insert dimensions, 4 15/16" x 10 13/16"
  • Case is available in clear, trays are white
  • Complements existing EAS/RFID security tag systems
Order Information
Order Code
OTCD-1 One-Time CD Clear, single
OTCD-2C One-Time CD Clear, single, with dual white flip tray
Shipping Information 21 3/4" x 14 3/4" x 5 3/4", 100 pcs/ctn \ 14 lbs w/o trays; w/trays 17.5 lbs
OTCD-TW-1 One-Time white flip-tray
Shipping Information 10" x 10" x 5" \ 100 pcs/ctn \ 4.0 lbs
UMD-11v One-Time Decoupler